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Tall Hobbit Takeaway – Master your Distractions

Over the past week, I’ve had people say that they struggle to stay focused on various tasks and wondering how they could avoid distractions. I’m sure anyone who’s reading this can relate in some way, no matter what you are getting up to this week. My offering for you today is a simple activity you can do to gently master your distractions and work more productively. All you will need is some paper and something to write with.


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Tall Hobbit Takeaway – Dicey Decisions

If, like me, you’re quite good at generating ideas but less good at deciding which idea to go for, then you might find this Takeaway activity useful, and all you need to do it is a 6-sided dice!


(Image from Pexels.)

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Tall Hobbit Takeaways – a new offering

Just a quick post to introduce a new bite-sized, interactive feature, giving you short activities and mental exercises for dealing with any challenges you might be facing personally or professionally; the Tall Hobbit Takeaway!

Tall Hobbit Takeaway

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