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Tall Hobbit Takeaway – Dicey Decisions

If, like me, you’re quite good at generating ideas but less good at deciding which idea to go for, then you might find this Takeaway activity useful, and all you need to do it is a 6-sided dice!


(Image from Pexels.)

It’s easy to get overwhelmed when making decisions. Sometimes there is such a vast amount of options and factors to consider that even straight forward decisions can easily become confusing.  This activity will help you make quick decisions and get started by helping you tune in to your basic instincts that sometimes get lost when you overcomplicate things – and don’t I know it!

Ready to start? Here’s what you need to do:

Firstly, think of a decision you’re trying to make – for example : “How am I going to spend my afternoon?”

Now that you’ve done that, pick your 6 best options and number them 1-6. Remember, this is a quick fire activity – you want to quickly pick the 6 options that are most appealing to you. If you find that prospect difficult, just choose the first 6 things you think of.

Now that you’ve got your 6 options, it’s time to get your dice! You’ve probably guessed the next part, but before you roll, consider these two options on how you use the roll to find the answer that your gut knows is right for you:

  1. As you roll your dice shut your eyes. Chances are, deep down you already know what you want the answer to be and you’ll be wishing for a particular outcome. This is your gut telling you what it is you really want to be doing nice and simple!
  2. If Option 1 doesn’t give you any strong feelings, try this – roll the dice with your eyes open and acknowledge the result. Notice how you feel about it. You may feel something like “Phew! Glad I got that one!” or “Oh, I was hoping it’d be a 5!”. Again, you’re gut’s speaking to you and telling you what it is you really want. And if it’s still not doing that, then it’s saying that you genuinely don’t have any strong feelings either way, in which case, you may as well go for the option it’s given you to get out of analysis paralysis! Maybe it ends up being rewarding, or maybe just doing something, sparks ideas for something similar and more rewarding you could do!

That’s my little Takeaway for you today. If you try this yourself, let me know how it goes in the comments and if there is anything similar you’d like to see in a future Takeaway, do let me know!


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