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Tall Hobbit Takeaways – a new offering

Just a quick post to introduce a new bite-sized, interactive feature, giving you short activities and mental exercises for dealing with any challenges you might be facing personally or professionally; the Tall Hobbit Takeaway!

Tall Hobbit Takeaway

Although I enjoy putting together my Gameslife and Lockdown Lowdown articles, and have gotten some nice feedback off others, I appreciate that people might prefer something shorter, offering instant value without the time commitment of these longer reads. If you are a fan of Gameslife and Lockdown Lowdown, don’t worry, they’ll still be coming out, just not as regularly as the Takeaways.

The aim is to release at least one Tall Hobbit Takeaway a week, containing a simple activity for you to try out and a brief description of how to get the most out of it. Whilst many of my other posts will delve into a topic in-depth, Takeaways will cut to the chase, giving you instant and actionable benefits. Upcoming Takeaways will include activities to help you with your decision making and your time management.

I’ve got lots of tools and tricks I can share with you, but I’m keen to hear from you. I want to know what challenges you may be facing, what you would like more of in your life, and things you fell you might need a bit of help with. All the content I’ve produced, I’ve done so in the hope that it benefits others, and the more you tell me what you want, the better!

To that end, Tall Hobbit Adventures will soon be launching as a Facebook group in the hope of creating more of a community feel, where members can post ideas and suggestions, look through old posts as well as receive more regular shared content and other features TBA.

Tomorrow, I plan on posting the first Tall Hobbit Takeaway, all about decision making by the roll of the dice. It’s not as simple as it sounds and I encourage you to check it out whatever your decision making ability.

Take care my friends, and don’t be shy about leaving comments if you have any thoughts or ideas about current or future content!


2 thoughts on “Tall Hobbit Takeaways – a new offering”

  1. Love this. ❤

    The upcoming decision making piece sounds intriguing. Maybe a THT on ways to better focus? Or perhaps one on memory improvement? That's what springs to mind at the moment. I think I'd find your hints and tips useful. 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

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