Operation: Soaring Eagle

Operation: Soaring Eagle – 3 Highlights of our Swedish Adventure!

Hello one and all! Me and Megan are briefly in between trips, recently back from Sweden and about to set off on our final sabbatical adventure to Iceland, where we’ll be leading trail maintenance teams in the mountains to support the Iceland Forest Service! We are currently being held at Manchester Airport as our scheduled plane to Reykjavik is undergoing maintenance, so I figured I’d use this time to give a quick rundown of our Swedish adventure and in particular 3 things that have made it such a joyous trip!


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Operation: Soaring Eagle

Operation: Soaring Eagle – Or Why I’ve Given Up A Regular Paycheck For 6 Months


(Photograph from Eberhard Grossgasteiger)

Hello everyone! Hope y’all are happy and healthy wherever you are!

So, this title… I’m interested in how people might react to it. Operation: Soaring Eagle is the name I’ve given to the 6 month sabbatical I am taking from my place of work, after which time I shall be returning to my position which has been kept safe during my absence. This time stretches from March to September of this year and during this time I don’t have to do a single bit of work whatsoever, but obviously as the work stops, the pay also stops. I’d imagine some of you wouldn’t be too fussed about not having a regular paycheck since maybe you already have a good savings tucked away or you live quite a free range lifestyle allowing you to comfortably pick up work here and there. But I’d also imagine some of you couldn’t fathom a world where you don’t have a regular source of income for a prolonged period of time.

Let me tell you a little about my situation.

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