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Tall Hobbit Takeaway – A Relaxed Affirmative Review for a New Month

Can you believe we’re into yet another month of Lockdown? Some of you may be going back to work, some of you may still be away from work and some of you may have been working this whole time! Either way, this time is taking a toll on most of us in some way, and the ability to reset, if you have the time and the space to do so, can make a world of difference if you’re feeling stuck, stressed, or just plain powerless.

Today, I have a simple review tool you can use called Rose, Thorn, Bud. I have encountered it used in a variety of settings, and in different ways, but let me talk you through the way I use it that will help you appreciate and celebrate what you have done and experienced, whilst you look forward to the future and what it holds.

Before you start, make sure you’re in a quiet place where you can concentrate and that you have a pen and paper to hand.

The first part of the review is the Rose. The Rose represents the highlights of the experience you have gone through – these could be achievements you’re proud of, or simply things you’ve enjoyed. For example, when looking back on the month of May, one of my Roses was getting to celebrate my partner, Megan’s 30th Birthday and creating special Lockdown appropriate experiences for her. Make a list of as many Roses as you can think of for this past month (or whatever it is you want to review).

Part 2 is the Thorn. As you know, life isn’t always easy or fair, and this part is about acknowledging that in a supportive way. The Thorn represents the struggles or challenges you have faced. A prominent Thorn for me lately was the anxiety I’ve felt over national and global developments. Everyone’s going to have some experience of Thorns, some might be greater or more numerous than others, but expressing them can be a cathartic experience and can also help you acknowledge your strength for having faced and passed these Thorns.

Finally, we come to the Bud. The Bud, is all about looking ahead to what’s going to flower after all of the successes and trials you have faced. After everything you’ve been through in May, what are you looking forward to doing in June? Are there new challenges or opportunities ahead? Do you want to carry on with the things you were doing in May? Has something that’s happened recently inspired you to action? For me, I’m looking forward to starting new virtual learning courses and making more of an effort to help the vulnerable in our society.

And that’s it! Like a lot of my other Takeaways, it’s nice and simple but will benefit you if you engage with it. What are your Roses, Thorns and Buds as we make our way into Lockdown Summer? Let me know in the comments below and take care wherever you are!


3 thoughts on “Tall Hobbit Takeaway – A Relaxed Affirmative Review for a New Month”

  1. For me, the rose was, and still is, a virtual internship that I’ve secured. Amidst all the revoked job offers, I’m glad I could secure this one. The thorn, well they seem to be quite many in number! The bud is, my college shall supposedly resume by July, albeit online, and it is a new semester! Thankfully our semester break had coincided with the lockdown period, hence our classes were over, just the exams were held online. So I’m looking forward to new subjects to learn.
    Also, I’m so happy to learn that you and Megan are partners! Stay happily together, radiating positivity, hope and laughters 🙂

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    1. Thank you for the lovely comment Debasmita! Congratulations on your virtual internship! Sorry there’s been so many thorns lately but good to hear that your college shall be starting again too and you’ll be able to continue your learning soon!
      And yes, I’m very lucky! Thanks again for the comment and making the connection – keep learning and keep sharing 🙂

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